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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase an item?
  • Simply choose the specifications and options required then choose the required quantity. Once thats done click ‘add to cart’ and then make your way to the cart page. You can checkout on the cart page.
Which countries do you ship to?
How much is shipping?
  • Once your product is in the cart, make your way to the cart page and choose your country. The shipping price will be updated depending on the country selected.
Can I get a discount?
  • Yes you can get up to 9% off. The following discounts are available to everyone:
    – 1% Online discount: This is available to all customers who order online.
    – 5-20% Multi-buy discount – most products are discounted if you buy more than 1 qty.

The discounts are added consecutively (don’t cancel each other out) so for maximum discount simply order online, pay via bank transfer and make sure your order contains at least 2 items!

Why am I not seeing the discounts in the cart/checkout pages?
  • If your cart/order contains a product/condition which is not eligible for a discount, the discounts will not be applied at all. You can read more about this here.
What kind of warranty/guarantee do I get with my product?
  • We provide up to 3 years of personal or domestic usage warranty on most furniture products and a 12 month warranty on all other products. The warranty covers manufacturing defects for home or personal usage but if you intend to use your products for business or commercial reasons then you are required to purchase a warranty upgrade. You can read more about the warranty here
I am not from the U.K, what happens if my product develops a fault?
  • Good question. Our U.K customers are not treated any differently to our non U.K customers. In the event that your product develops a fault, we are responsible for ensuring that it is serviced properly so we have rolled out a dedicated program called: Global Warranty & Assistance Program (GWAP) which is provided free of charge to all non U.K customers. Click here to read more about GWAP
Can I return my item if I am not happy with it?
  • This depends. Most of our furniture is ‘made-on-order’ regardless of whether the product is available for immediate dispatch or needs to be manufactured. This means that we actually produce each product based on your specific requirements. You can find out if the product can be returned or not on the product page in the ‘Specifications’ tab. You can read more about returns here.
What happens if my item/s arrive damaged?
What happens to my money/after-sales care if World of Thrones closes down or becomes bankrupt?
  • Good question. Our business and financial operations are managed by experienced professionals with backgrounds in accounting, finance, business administration and management so we are very confident in the health of our organisation, moreover we have deployed a variety of industry standard measures to ensure optimum trading conditions. MerchantShield® is our very own assurance which protects all all customers. You can read more here.
I am worried that the metal studding trim will rust, how can you assure me?
  • It wont rust. All of our studding materials are plated with a metallic chemical mixture which gives it a non-corrosive protective layer. Our R&D department regularly carries out anti-corrosion tests in various conditions such as: humidity, water, rainwater, air, compressed air and common chemicals. We would never apply a studding trim which has failed the test. Moreover, your products are protected under our 3 year warranty.
Why are your genuine leather variants more expensive than others?
  • There are several reasons for it costing more. Firstly: supply is based on a per cowhide basis. This means that we cannot purchase leather by a measurement unit (like other upholsteries) so we are required to source a full cowhide even though a full one may not be required. Secondly: the supply-chain for genuine leather is much more extensive and involves various: health compliance, regulations and a completely different set of quality control requirements, all this eventually adds to the cost of genuine leather.
Do you source your timber from sustainable sources?
  • Yes. The timber used to produce our products is sourced from government regulated plantations in South-East Asia and it complies with: EUTR and Lacey Act regulations. We have extensive programs in place to ensure ethical business practices and our work continues into various spheres including: deforestation awareness, donations and sustainability programs. Find out more here.
Do you charge VAT (Sales tax)?
  • Yes. Our prices are inclusive of VAT at the current applicable rate. You can see a breakdown of the VAT on the cart/checkout pages. The prices that you see in the cart page are the prices that you will pay, there are no additional hidden costs.
Can you reserve a product for me?
  • We do not currently offer a reservation service however you can choose a deferred payment option. You can read more here
Can I pay in instalments?
Can I pay using another method such as Paypal?
  • No. We only accept payment either by: Cash (in-store), Bank transfer or card payment using a credit or debit card. This also applies to international orders (which may be subject to additional fees by the payment processor)
What is covered and what is excluded in the warranty?
  • Please take a look at the Warranty page for detailed information.
I would like to extend the warranty. Can I do this?
  • Yes. You can choose to extend the warranty by 1 or 2 years. You can choose this upgrade on the product page just before you add the product to the cart.
What happens if there is a fault with my product and I have selected the wrong warranty upon order?
  • If your product does not hold the correct warranty then the repair will be chargeable at the current rate for World of Thrones products. It is very important that you choose the correct type of warranty when purchasing your product to benefit from free servicing.
Do you reduce prices during traditional sales days or seasons such as Christmas or Black Friday?
  • No. Our discounting periods are totally dependent on the internal workings of the organisation and we do not currently reduce prices for any specific season, national holiday, celebration or traditional sales dates. You can read about our discount policy here.
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