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World of Thrones Foundation

MIF (World of Thrones Foundation) is our very own charitable cause. We work with some of the best registered charities and donate funds which are collected through a variety of channels including internal donations, public donations, furniture recycling and fund allocation. We have a 100% donation policy and the costs of MIF are directly funded. This is how we try to make a difference:

1% donation per order

One of the founding principles of MIF is our donations policy. For each order we receive we donate 1% of the gross order value (minus tax) to the customers chosen charity (which is chosen on the checkout page). This is done once the order has been delivered and is marked as complete. We keep a comprehensive record of all donations made and upon request we will send evidence that we have submitted the donation. We believe that this unconditional donation strategy contributes significantly to the MIF which sets a precedent that other organisations should follow.

Free disposal of your unwanted furniture

If you have any old or unwanted furniture, we can collect it free of charge and raise vital funds towards ethical causes which could save a life (human or plant)! Not only do you get rid of your unwanted furniture, but helping towards a cause too! We have a dedicated storage facility and team to take care of the efficient disposal of unwanted furniture.

Raise funding via our global network

MIF raises funds through a network of charities, fundraisers, volunteers as well as our websites. All customers can add a small donation towards MIF on the checkout page as well as a custom donation on the website.

Fund the PLEST online program

MIF is responsible for funding the Online Learning Program of the ‘External Awareness Program’ in the PLEST Project. This program is updated on a regular basis and requires programming, development and expert input which could not be possible without MIF. To ensure that MIF invests a fair and appropriate amount into the program, the amount invested is capped at 5% of the MIF holdings.

MIF Terms & Conditions

You can find detailed T&Cs here

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