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What is MerchantShield?

MerchantShield® is our way of saying ‘let us take care of the mishaps’. It is a free, comprehensive and inclusive protection scheme which ensures that your products and funds are protected from the time that you place your order until your goods are delivered.

What does MerchantShield offer?

1. You receive a 100% refund if we cannot honour your order.

2. We will replace your goods if they are damaged or lost in shipping.

3. All international customers will be assisted during the customs process.

4. Bankruptcy protection (Your funds will not be used for cashflow until you receive your order).

5. All claims will be concluded within 14 days.

How is MerchantShield different to insurance?

Traditional insurance provides a basic level of protection, is provided by a third party with a varying level of reliability and often requires a long an exhausting claims process. It often has various clauses and conditions which are difficult to understand and in the event of a claim, you are left all alone to deal with it. Moreover, a traditional insurance policy may not always result in a satisfactory ending!

MerchantShield Guarantee is a tiered security guarantee which means that it has several layers of protection. All products are insured in shipping, your funds are protected, you are assisted throughout the customs process and there is a 100% money-back guarantee if your order cannot be honoured.

How can I get MerchantShield?

MerchantShield is a guarantee that is automatically applied to all orders free of charge.

Anything else?

MerchantShield is a registered trademark of World of Thrones U.K LTD registered with the U.K Information Commissioners Office under Trade Mark no: UK00003273188.

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