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This page provides information about the materials we use, the sizes that we produce, the colour and specifications of the materials we use as well as the flammability and fire safety standards that our products adhere to.

Product and Collection names:

You may have noticed that we name our products after cities. It is simply a way for us to easily identify a product or a collection and does not at all mean the product is produced in that particular city or country or has any affiliation with it.

Origin of our products:

Our furniture is produced at our very own production centre in Birmingham, U.K however we source our raw materials from all over the world. Hand carving is a native skill which is really difficult to transfer to other regions of the world so the initial stages of the hand carved furniture is produced at our factory in South-East Asia and the final stages (painting, upholstery, carpentry) is carried out at our production centre in Birmingham U.K


We use a high grade mahogany timber (Swetenia Macrophyllia) in our furniture which is sourced from government regulated plantations in South-East Asia. The timber is kiln dried, strength tested and pesticide treated before it is processed for production. Once the raw unit is produced it is fumigated using a high-toxic gas (Methyl Bromide) under a strict application and technical conditions to ensure the product is free from: ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents (e.g. mice, rats), spiders, stinging insects (e.g. bees, hornets or wasps) and termites. Lastly a quality check is carried out before the product is finally completed.


We source upholstery from various domestic and international suppliers. The upholstery conforms to all regulatory specifications. Whilst we are not able to provide the exact specifications for every unit and colour of upholstery, you can find type generic information below:

Fabric: Our fabrics are composed of either cotton, polyester, viscose or a composition of these materials.

Linen: We use a synthetic linen which is produced from Polyester however it is highly durable, looks and feels just like real cotton linen.

Velvet: Velvet is a type of woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed, with a short dense pile, giving it a distinctive soft feel.

Crushed velvet:


Faux Suede:

Synthetic Leather:

Genuine Leather:

Finishing & Paintwork:

Metallic: A unique mixture of real aluminium, brass and zinc particles with a medium such as lacquer to give a fine, smooth and metallic finish. It is one of the most durable finish types. It is developed exclusively by our Research & Development teams and is designed to look as close as possible to a gild finish but with a much more durable specification.

Gilded (Leaf): Gilding is a process where fine leaf sheets are applied to the products, the thin sheets can be gold, silver, rose gold or copper in colour. The whole process is quite time consuming and very specialised. It requires great skill, expertise and knowhow to apply gilding. Our leaf finishing is composed of a carefully blended mixture of zinc, copper and other metals. Gilding makes a product look shiny and antique however it has a shorter lifespan compare to other finishes.

Painted: We use a unique mixture of raw materials to mix our paints. The exact composition is kept secret. We apply 3 layers of paint to ensure a stable and durable finish. Painted finish is much more durable than gilding and it provides a smooth, flat finish texture unlike gilding which provides a shiny effect over a natural surface texture.

2 Colour: This finish type involves the use of 2 colours so the product has a base colour (used mostly) and the carvings are painted with a second colour. This effect makes the product more vibrant and colour-effective. We use the same paints as the ‘painted’ style above.

ColourBlast: This is our unique multi-colour mixture. Designed and developed by World of Thrones engineers, a specialised technique is utilised when applying ColourBlast. First a single base colour is applied to the product, then a second layer of mixed colour formula is applied to create a ColourBlast effect.

Natural, Wash & Stained: This category is finish types are based on natural effects such as stain, wash and clear finish. None of the above finishing is applied however we use a range of coatings such as: clear lacquer, stain varnish, clear gloss etc to create the final finish.


Glazing is a technique used to highlight the definition of carvings in carved furniture. It is a specialised mixture which, when applied, sits within the carvings. This is a classic French technique and can make carved furniture look more brilliant. We have 5 glazing colours, each for a specific colour theme however if you prefer your product without glazing, then please make sure to build your product


No glaze (original)                  Antique Black                  Antique Brown                 Van Dyke Brown                   Red Sienna                      White Chalk

Flammability and Fire Safety Testing:

As a manufacturer and retailer of upholstered furniture it is our responsibility to ensure that our products meet the standards set out under UK and European fire safety legislation. We work with state of the art UKAS accredited laboratories and provide materials for test certification on a batch basis. We can confirm that all our products meet the minimum requirements of  The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended in 1989 and 1993) under the BS5852 Standard which incorporates Part 1 (Cigarette test) and Part 2 (Match test).

It is important to note that if you require any of our products to confirm to a different standard such as the BS-7176 (Crib 5) or another international standard, please choose the relevant upgrade in the checkout page. If you cannot find the required standard please contact us so that we can assess your requirements and advise further.

Click here to read more about our regulatory obligations.

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