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World of Thrones Supply Chain

Europe, North America, South Asia and South East Asia. A global supply chain managed by a world class company.

Our products are manufactured at our production centre in the U.K as well as in various tropical regions throughout the globe. Our main production centre is in Birmingham, U.K workshops are in Thailand, India and Indonesia. World of Thrones operates a total of 2 production plants and partly owns another 4 workshops. We carefully manage and supervise the manufacturing, logistics and labour operations at all of our workshops, under a singular quality and managerial framework.

Design & Development

At World of Thrones we use a team of expert design engineers to design our products. We design products using state-of-the-art digital CAD design software with ideas from global contributors. At this stage our experts create the blueprints of the product, produce the manufacturing specifics and simulate the product in different environments paying a nominal amount of attention to durability, safety and flammability.

Sourcing materials

Our U.K based sourcing team is responsible for sourcing the right raw materials. We source our Mahogany and Teak timber from government regulated plantations in South-East Asia. Once the timber arrives at our overseas workshop it is treated with strong pesticide chemicals to kill harmful micro-organisms and prevent woodworms. We source our other supplies such as paints, upholstery, materials, machinery and joinery tools from around the world.

Carpentry and carving

At this stage the lumber is sawed, cut and the product is produced in its first-phase format. We use highly skilled and experienced carpenters who operate under a strict carpentry quality framework, paying attention to joinery, stability and quality.


A skilled team of painters will fine-sand, coat and paint the furniture. We apply 3 layers of finish primer, base colour and final finish. This is to make sure that the finish is evenly and correctly applied throughout the surface, that the product is completely shielded and that the final layer sits on the appropriate surface. This all takes place in an isolated industrial paint booth with dust extraction, infrared heat induction and humidity regulation technology.

Inventory & Storage

Once the products arrive in the U.K they are subjected to another quality assessment, each product is independently inspected to ensure that it adheres to our quality standards. The timber is stored in a temperature monitored, humidity regulated and pest controlled environment. Our logistics team is responsible for this stage of the supply-chain.


Once the products are painted and dried, they are moved to our upholstery workshop where upholstery specialists work to apply foam, springs, interliner (if required), upholstery, buttons and trimming. We use high quality pneumatic machinery to carry out this work.

Quality Control

Quality is the heart of our organisation. Ensuring all-round quality and detailed inspections is a major part of our business. We have detailed and stringent quality control systems in place to ensure products are manufactured to the highest standards, staff are carrying out their duties correctly and that the supply chain is functioning efficiently. Once the products are ready, we carry out a 50 point quality assessment to ensure that the products are meet our standards and are fit-for-purpose. If we find any defects we reverse the product back into the workshop and dont dispatch anything until it meets our standards.

Packing & Shipping

We use a wide range of packing materials and always use a compilation of methods to ensure that goods are properly packed and that they are protected against transit damage. Our packaging methods include: plastic sheets, foam sheets, pipe foam, cardboard, wooden structures, plywood surrounds and pallet packaging. We package products depending on their final destination. For example for goods that are shipped outside the U.K we may use pallets, wooden structures and plywood surrounds for additional protection.


Our retail sector of the organisation is responsible for the sales of our products. We have a dedicated sales team constantly updating our portfolio and commerce systems.

Logistics & Distribution

World of Thrones has amassed a network of over 100 transport and freight service providers for international shipments. We possess a fleet of delivery vehicles carrying out daily deliveries to destinations throughout the U.K and Europe. By 2020 we aim to expand our fleet with our very own cargo aircraft.

Repairs & Maintenance

We have a dedicated department specialising in service, repairs and maintenance. Our products require specialist care and maintenance and for that reason we have a specialist repair centre based in Birmingham U.K and an express mobile service facility operated by highly skilled personnel. Our service centre stocks more than 1000 parts and can carry out services, repairs, refinishing, reupholstery and refurbishment.

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