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Why World of Thrones?

World of Thrones excels in manufacturing, consumer protection, compliance and research and much more. Here are the reasons why:

1. We manufacture our own products

There is no other U.K based company which manufacture their own products, they purchase from various suppliers. As with any business, this buyer/seller relationship comes with many problems including lack of supply-chain control, inconsistent quality controls, defective inventory, inability to service the products and many more problems which ultimately leads to an overall poor service. World of Thrones owns a large production facility in Birmingham U.K. By manufacturing our own products we can control the quality, production and supply-chain processes resulting in an efficient and streamlined process as well as an in-house maintenance service, consistently high quality of products and a localised service.

2. UK production plant and workforce

We are proud to state that we are the U.K’s only manufacturer for luxury furniture. As a result of this, we have become a supplier to hundreds of international retailers. At any one time we stock raw materials for over 10,000 products and have a U.K workforce of carpenters, painters, upholsterers, engineers, logistics staff and a dedicated sales & customer services team.

3. We supply to retailers

World of Thrones supplies over 5000 trade customers, including more than 500 U.K and non U.K based retailers. Many of our competitors have realised the huge benefits of doing business with us rather than trying to compete with us. This has created substantial growth for our organisation as well as a more competitive marketplace for customers.

4. Dedicated warranty solutions

We understand that our products can be used for a variety of purposes including commercial usage. For this reason we offer warranty upgrades to match your desired usage. As long as you choose the correct warranty for your product, you will have peace of mind. You can also extend your warranty for up to 5 years!

5. MerchantShield® by your side

MerchantShield is our way of saying “Let us worry about any mishaps”. It is a free and comprehensive assurance which puts us way ahead of our competitors. MerchantShield has protected thousands of customers and continues to be an assurance that puts us light years ahead of any possible competition. You can read more here.

6. Global Warranty & Assistance Program (GWAP)

GWAP is a free extension applied to all Non U.K orders which provides a comprehensive warranty and assistance regime via our network of global locations, partners and service specialists. You can read more about GWAP here. Sometimes it pays to buy premium!

7. EUTR and Lacey Act compliant

Our products comply with various international standards and regulations which ensures that we are meeting our obligations under the PLEST 5 regime and placing our customers interests at the forefront of our decision making process. Our products comply with EUTR, Lacey Act and many more international standards. Click here to read more.

8. World of Thrones Foundation (WoTF)

WoTF (World of Thrones Foundation) is our very own charitable organisation. We work with some of the best registered charities and donate funds which are collected through a variety of channels including internal donations, public donations, furniture recycling and fund allocation. We have a 100% donation policy and the costs of WoTF are directly funded.

9. PLEST Compliant

World of Thrones complies with the latest PLEST 5 protocol. Initiated by World of Thrones, PLEST is an industry-leading standard which satisfies a range of requirements including: ethical sourcing of timber, legal timber, awareness and much more. Read more about PLEST here.

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